2019/20 Indigenous Jersey Blank


The designer of this jersey is Dr Richard Walley OAM. To create the design, Dr Walley worked with inaugural Wildcats captain Mike Ellis and the club's creative team to develop a cultural narrative, which is explained in detail below.

  The Perth Wildcats indigenous uniform tells a story of success of arguably Australia’s most travelled team.

 The mandala features nine rings, representing the Wildcats record nine championships. The 33 orange shapes also represent the club’s unbeaten streak of post-season appearances. The colour scheme is a throwback to that worn by the original Wildcats.

 Leading to and from the mandala is a pathway, symbolising the long flights to and from their home city. The boomerangs incorporated into this track represent both the hard-nosed defence and attack the team is famous for.

 Finally, the red speckled background is a tribute to the record-breaking fan base, with the different shades and colours representing the coming together of people from different backgrounds. If you look close enough, you can see yourself!

This limited edition jersey was worn in the NBL's Indigenous Round during the 2019/20 season.