Earmuffs - Infant

Want to bring your little Wildcub to the game, but concerned about the level of noise in The Jungle? Look no further than our Wildcats Infant Earmuffs!

These earmuffs are noise reducing, and include a comfy, leather-like cover and cushioned cups for extra comfort. They provide hearing protection from loud noises while still being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand for easy storage!

Recommended for ages 3 months - 2 years. Toddler earmuffs also available.

Weight: 142g

Dimensions at Smallest: 15.24cm W x 15.24cm H

Dimensions at Largest: 17.8cm W x 15.24cm H

Mean Attenuation @ 500Hz 25.7dB

Mean Attentuation @ 1000Hz 35.2dB